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How to make job post

1) Select Proper Job Title, Keywords: Optimize Job Titles for easy search, and save Creative Thoughts for Job Description. Right keywords will serve to optimize Job Posting for search engines like Google, Firefox and IE.

2) Make Job Post Pleasing: Include Company Logo, Job / Company Video. Average Job Seeker gives more attention – about 30 Seconds – to  branded Job Post, and around One Minute looking at a Job Post that includes a Video. Always choose Bullets over long sentences, when listing out Job Description, Required Skills and Salary Information. Include this information in Job Description

3) Set Right Expectation: Include Deal-breakers, such as Travel Time, Overseas Experience in Particular Geography, Proficiency in a Language, Service Agreement, IT Skills Certifications in Candidate Description

4) Make It Simple, Cut Content: Normally ERP Professionals, on an average, spend fewer than 30 seconds reviewing Job Post due to shortage of their precious time, High Billing Rate. Keep Content of Job Post brief, highlight only Important and Unique Piece of Information.

5) Imp Info at Top: Put Important Information at Top of Post, followed by pertinent details about role. Most engaging and interesting content should be at Top to capture candidates’ attention and compel them to read further.

6) Include Salary, Bonus: Salary plays a role in decision to accept a Job Offer or even to apply. If you offer competitive compensation, mention in Job Post. If you are unable to match Market Compensation, then discuss about other benefits or work culture. 1) Does your company offer advancement opportunities, chance to learn new Modules, Technical skills, Project Management, Overseas Travel with Family, Work on Implementation Projects rather than Pure Support Work, or "Work From Home"? 

Though salary is important for many professionals, MyNextMove, after interaction with ERP Professionals, found that Candidates are willing to accept a Lower Salary Job Offer, provided they are given flexibility to spend time with their Family Members, Bonus for Individual Performance, Proper Designation at Work Place that matches with their experience, Encourage and Reimburse for IT Certifications, Upgrade their skills through Mandatory Training Programs at regular intervals.

6) Always Include Contact Details: Include Your Real Name as you are called in your work place, Your Mobile Number for easy access to candidates (Remembr ERP Professionals are busy during business hours, hence office numbers with extensions are going to fail for senior positions), email ID (To receive questions about Notice Period Buy Back, Relocation Expenses for Family, % Hike offered by Company, Stock Options, Eligibility for Company Car etc). If you are shy about revealing your contact details so is the case with ERP professionals holding respectable positions in companies.


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