Training Institutes

  • Do You Want to Reach ERP Professionals and render services for their Career Growth?
  • Do You Want to Provide Opportunities/ Jobs / Contract Work/ Freelance Work in ERP Applications?
  • Do You Want to Provide ERP Consulting Work for Professionals?

Walk-In Zone Jobs

Upload Walk-In Jobs, with dates for Personal Discussion for your Resource Needs as of Yesterday. Understand precious time of consultants and plan. Sounds Good!!!


International Jobs

Upload International Jobs for Immediate Project Needs. Freelancers/ Contractors may be waiting for your Opportunity to fly at short notice. Looks interesting!!!


Contract/ Part Time Jobs

Use portal to interact with Contractors, Freelancers, Subject Matter Experts looking for "Work From Home" assignments. Many a time, you may not need a Permanent Resource to handle a short term project. Think about it!!!


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